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Advances in Brand Semiotics & Discourse Analysis (Vernon Press 2023)

Advances in Brand Semiotics and Discourse Analysis 2023

This volume addresses some of the most important conceptual, methodological, and empirical challenges and opportunities with which the sister disciplines of semiotics and discourse analysis are mutually confronted in the context of considering new avenues of cross-disciplinary application to distinctive branding research streams. In continuation of the collective volume ‘Handbook of Brand Semiotics’ (Kassel University Press, 2015), which sought to consolidate relevant scholarship and to identify the main territories that have been established at the cross-roads between branding and semiotic research, the current ‘Advances in Brand Semiotics & Discourse Analysis’ aims at accomplishing further strides in critical areas, such as the exigency for reconsidering the aptness of existing semiotic theories in the face of the radically shifting co-creative landscape of digital branding, the benefits of systematically micro-analyzing brand communities’ discourses by drawing on CAQDAS programs, the combination of big data analytics with discourse theory in corpus analysis, and the epistemological issues that emerge while combining discourse analysis with time-hallowed marketing qualitative and quantitative research methods. At the same time, the volume hosts a resourceful blend of empirical studies and novel conceptual frameworks in burgeoning streams, such as place, heritage, culinary, personal, and political branding.

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Recent mentions of IJSM&DS in the semiotic literature

  • Daniel Chandler (2017). Semiotics: The Basics. London: Routledge.  “Semiotics is served by a range of journals. These include (in order of date established): International Journal of Marketing Semiotics (2012)”
  • Kalevi Kull (2013). Journals of semiotics in the world. Sign Systems Studies 41(1), 140–145: B. International journals in some special fields of semiotics: International Journal of Marketing Semiotics (2012)
  • Laura Oswald (2020). Creating Value: The Theory and Practice of Marketing Semiotics Research. Oxford: Oxford University Press: “the term “marketing semiotics” has achieved common currency in market research, as evidenced in the new International Journal of Marketing Semiotics” (p.2)

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As we have been receiving emails from concerned colleagues, inquiring whether the International Journal of Marketing Semiotics & Discourse Studies is still listed with Scopus, we would like to inform you that due to a database error the journal’s articles did not appear on Scopus post-2019. This issue has now been resolved, and, based on Elsevier’s feedback, all articles post-2019 will be properly listed on the next database update that has been scheduled for November 2020.

Special Issue on Trauma & Consumption, deadline Sep 30 2020

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REBRANDING of the International Journal of Marketing Semiotics into International Journal of Marketing Semiotics & Discourse Studies as of the forthcoming issue Vol. VII:

  • Accommodating more explicitly under the same conceptual umbrella the rapidly emerging field of inter-disciplinary studies between marketing research territories and the sister disciplines of semiotics and discourse analysis.
  • A trend precipitated by new media studies and the progressive migration of social theoretic foci to a Web 2.0 environment, as well as the increasing convergence between media and marketing studies.
  • Increasing adoption of a pan-consumptivist outlook in the scrutiny of cultural phenomena in cultural studies, cultural sociology, cultural anthropology which share discourse analytic methodological routes.
  • Increasing prominence of multimodality in both semiotic and discourse analytic terms.

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Call for New Editorial Board Members

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Special Issue on Semiophenomenology and Consuming the Experiential



International Journal of Marketing Semiotics 

standard issue

The import of semiotics in the study of brands has been proliferating over the past twenty years, from academics and practitioners alike. By virtue of semiotics’ ability to account for the processes whereby meaning is generated, it constitutes the discipline par excellence for addressing the issue of brand signification.

Semiotic approaches to branding have been furnished both from within the semiotics (e.g. Floch, Semprini, Rossolatos) and the consumer research (e.g. Mick & McQuarrie, Stern, Williamson) disciplines. Semiotic approaches have been incumbent on different perspectives in the semiotic literature, such as Peirceanism, Structuralism, Social Semiotics.

Semiotics have been applied in various marketing related research areas, including strategic brand positioning, brand identity, brand equity and brand image, advertising copy development, advertising encoding and decoding, retail branding, media messages, package design, to name a few.

The usefulness of semiotics consists both in furnishing typologies of brands as signs, as well as a conceptual and methodological platform for designing and managing brands as sign systems. As an applied market research tool, semiotics have been used either as a standalone research method or in combination with other qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Semiotic concepts have been used in order to single and map out cultural codes, product languages, consumer typologies, alternative communication and packaging routes.

The International Journal of Marketing Semiotics & Discourse Studies aims to host state-of-the-art research alongside dominant and emergent streams, while favoring an inter-disciplinary orientation. Both conceptual and applied semiotic approaches in the above fields of research are welcome.