About the journal

Mission statement

The mission of the International Journal of Marketing Semiotics & Discourse Studies is to constitute a reference point in state-of-the-art academic research in the field of marketing discourse studies, by enhancing the relevance of discourse analytic and semiotic theories and methodologies across the entire marketing mix, with a dual orientation towards furthering existing theory, while safeguarding managerial saliency.


The International Journal of Marketing Semiotics & Discourse Studies is an open-source academic journal that aims to cover a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary marketing/semiotic/discourse analytic research streams, spanning:

– Conceptual approaches and empirical research across the 5 P’s by drawing on different semiotic (post-structuralist, sociosemiotic, Peircean, structuralist, cultural, textual, visual, multimodal) and discourse analytic (CDA, DHA) perspectives.

– Consumer cultural theory and research

– Cultural experiences, artefacts, practices, spectacles

– In virtual, ‘real’, hyperreal environments

– In individual or community settings

– Methodological frameworks for conducting research into product/service/retail branding, brand identity development, brand equity, packaging design, competitive packaging analysis, new product development, pricing, advertising, IMC development and competitive analysis, consumer behavior (offline and online).

– Comparing and contrasting existing marketing research conceptual and methodological frameworks with discourse analytic/semiotic ones.

– Cross-disciplinary approaches on marketing research issues that combine discourse analysis and semiotics with perspectives from the social sciences and the humanities, such as anthropology, literary studies, psychoanalysis, anthropology, rhetoric, sociology.

The International Journal of Marketing Semiotics & Discourse Studies welcomes both conceptual and applied semiotic research, provided that the evoked perspectives have been applied rigorously in the concerned marketing issues and are sufficiently informed by the relevant literature.

The International Journal of Marketing Semiotics & Discourse Studies intends to host academically rigorous research papers, but also to provide a forum where marketing semiotics agencies may publicize case studies of projects they have undertaken for clients.